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Ransomware Hits Wisconsin

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Ransomware Hits Wisconsin

On January 31st 2020 the city of Racine Wisconsin was hit by a “ransomware” program. This particular variant encrypted all across the city’s network, including webpages, email, the payment systems, payroll and just about every of their virtual system.

Also hit were some secondary properties, like the Racine Art Museum, that get their services from the city.

As of today, over a month later, the city is still not completely recovered from this attack.

If you have a solid, well planned disaster recovery plan, you can save yourself and your business millions of dollars in lost revenue and productivity.

For example: The city of Baltimore was hit with ransomware in May of 2019 and the cost to the city was estimate to be $18 million dollars.

Ransomware and viruses are almost 100% preventable with a combination of edge and email protection, well configured and monitored firewalls and most importantly end user education. Most attacks are socially engineered and without the proper training your employees can click on the “next big virus” and cripple you business

Let’s be careful out there


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