Twizted Management

Storm's Cellar has teamed up with Twizted Management for Mixing, Mastering and Engineering

Be sure to check them out

Twizted Management

Live and Studio Recording

In house we have 16 tracks of Edirol running into a Sonar 8 PC Based recording system

I've been known to take the rig on the road for live recording

Equipment List:

Edirol M-16DX 16-Channel Digital Mixer

Nady SP-5 Mics


Oktava MK-012-0 Mic

Nady DM90 Bass Drum Mic

Digital Reference DR-DRM Drum Mic Kit

Peavery ID1 Direct Box

Whirlwind EDB1 Direct Box

Beheringer DI-20 Direct Box

Event 20-20 Near Field Monitors