My Favorite Pinups and site refresh

did you happen to see the site refresh over at My Favorite Pinups

This nucleus site got a brand new completely custom skin and all new graphics

New Services Added

How about some social networking?



At the request of one of our newest customers, CrossFit Greendale, Storm's Cellar has branched out into the world of social networking, specifically Facebook and Twitter pages.

Sorry MySpace. you're a ghost town

Contact us for more information

The BBR Performance Store

We recently had a different kind of request.

The BBR, or The Baseball Resource, is a site dedicated  to Baseball Athletic-Development & Injury-Prevention Programs.

They asked us to set them up an e-commerce site to fit within their existing joomla site.

No small feat but you can check it at yourself

CrossFit Greendale


Storm's Cellar has teamed up with Frank at CrossFit Greendale and designed a custom Nucleus site from the gym located in Greendale, Wisconsin

We stretched Nucleus to it's CMS limits with several custom pages and made the whole lot easily updatable from an outside interface


check it out

refresh the registry without a reboot

Today I was attempting to disable ssl2 on my mail server to get into PCI compliance for credit card data.

Now Windows people know that if you edit the registry you have to reboot to have those changes show up correctly...

ah or so I thought

open a command prompt and type

RunDll32.exe USER32.DLL,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters ,1 ,True

this will refresh the registry

damn that's handy

Nucleus Upgrade

Nucleus CMS has been updated to V3.5

several additional security features have been added

if you are running Nucleus CMS better go grab it

New Look, New Feel

sometimes you just have to tear a site down and start all over again

sometimes you just want to

welcome to the new look of Storm's Cellar

Continue reading "New Look, New Feel"

Twizted Management

Storm's Cellar has teamed up with Twizted Management for Mixing, Mastering and Engineering

Be sure to check them out

Twizted Management

Live and Studio Recording

In house we have 16 tracks of Edirol running into a Sonar 8 PC Based recording system

I've been known to take the rig on the road for live recording

Equipment List:

Edirol M-16DX 16-Channel Digital Mixer

Nady SP-5 Mics


Oktava MK-012-0 Mic

Nady DM90 Bass Drum Mic

Digital Reference DR-DRM Drum Mic Kit

Peavery ID1 Direct Box

Whirlwind EDB1 Direct Box

Beheringer DI-20 Direct Box

Event 20-20 Near Field Monitors

so I have these tracks...

ok so you have some tracks from another studio or something you did from home

I can mix your tracks for you, or you can look over my shoulder and we can do a custom mix on my Sonar 8 systems and 12 tons of plugins to get the sound you want

all it takes...

is a good ear some decent hardware and you have a master mix that you can take to get pressed

it's as easy as that

Repairs Upgrades and Cleanup

System need upgrades?

Running slow?

or do you just need a new computer?

We'll work with you to figure that out

We do pick-up/drop-off service is SE Wisconsin

Home service in the Racine area only

For repairs outside the SE Wisconsin area, we utilize RealVNC to help you get back up and running

Designing a new office

Are you moving into a new office and want to layout your wiring the right way?

Have questions about what internet service is right for you?

What machines to purchase?

Planning to use servers in your office?

We have extensive experience in

Windows XP and Vista

Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Office

as well as Mac OSX hardware and software

Indie Life Inc.

Indie music station Wild Life Radio and Indie Life Radio asked Storm's Cellar to make them 2 new sites to show off

we came up these 2 designs using phpbb and stargate portal

Wild Life Radio

Indie Life Radio

Bettie Page Reveals All

There is a new movie coming soon about the life of Pinup Model Bettie Page

and Storm's Cellar was asked to create their forums

this site uses phpBB 3 and Stargate Portal