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  • September, 2009
  • Twizted Management

    Storm's Cellar has teamed up with Twizted Management for Mixing, Mastering and Engineering

    Be sure to check them out

    Twizted Management

  • Live and Studio Recording

    In house we have 16 tracks of Edirol running into a Sonar 8 PC Based recording system

    I've been known to take the rig on the road for live recording

    Equipment List:

    Edirol M-16DX 16-Channel Digital Mixer

    Nady SP-5 Mics

    RØDE NT1 Mic

    Oktava MK-012-0 Mic

    Nady DM90 Bass Drum Mic

    Digital Reference DR-DRM Drum Mic Kit

    Peavery ID1 Direct Box

    Whirlwind EDB1 Direct Box

    Beheringer DI-20 Direct Box

    Event 20-20 Near Field Monitors

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