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  • January, 2010
  • refresh the registry without a reboot

    Today I was attempting to disable ssl2 on my mail server to get into PCI compliance for credit card data.

    Now Windows people know that if you edit the registry you have to reboot to have those changes show up correctly...

    ah or so I thought

    open a command prompt and type

    RunDll32.exe USER32.DLL,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters ,1 ,True

    this will refresh the registry

    damn that's handy

  • September, 2009
  • Nucleus Upgrade

    Nucleus CMS has been updated to V3.5

    several additional security features have been added

    if you are running Nucleus CMS better go grab it
  • New Look, New Feel

    sometimes you just have to tear a site down and start all over again

    sometimes you just want to

    welcome to the new look of Storm's Cellar

    Read More

  • do you HATE the new igoogle?

    I sure do

    and surfing around I found this fix

    instead of using [code]http://www.google.com/ig[/code]

    try this one


    dunno how long it will last, but for now it's the "classic" interface

  • Software you can't live without

    Windows Based Systems:

    AVG Antivirus

    It's free for home users



    Clean the nasty spyware off your machine



    Clean the nasty spyware off your machine


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