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  • June, 2011
  • My Favorite Pinups and site refresh

    did you happen to see the site refresh over at My Favorite Pinups

    This nucleus site got a brand new completely custom skin and all new graphics

  • New Services Added

    How about some social networking?



    At the request of one of our newest customers, CrossFit Greendale, Storm's Cellar has branched out into the world of social networking, specifically Facebook and Twitter pages.

    Sorry MySpace. you're a ghost town

    Contact us for more information

  • The BBR Performance Store

    We recently had a different kind of request.

    The BBR, or The Baseball Resource, is a site dedicated  to Baseball Athletic-Development & Injury-Prevention Programs.

    They asked us to set them up an e-commerce site to fit within their existing joomla site.

    No small feat but you can check it at yourself


  • CrossFit Greendale


    Storm's Cellar has teamed up with Frank at CrossFit Greendale and designed a custom Nucleus site from the gym located in Greendale, Wisconsin

    We stretched Nucleus to it's CMS limits with several custom pages and made the whole lot easily updatable from an outside interface


    check it out


  • January, 2010
  • refresh the registry without a reboot

    Today I was attempting to disable ssl2 on my mail server to get into PCI compliance for credit card data.

    Now Windows people know that if you edit the registry you have to reboot to have those changes show up correctly...

    ah or so I thought

    open a command prompt and type

    RunDll32.exe USER32.DLL,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters ,1 ,True

    this will refresh the registry

    damn that's handy

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