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IT Consulting for the Modern Company

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Information Technology Consulting

Bring us your IT ideas and we will help you shape them into a solid technology plan. On time and on budget.

Security and Compliance

Every company today has to be aware of data security and compliance. From PII, PHI, PCI and HIPAA all the way through how do deal with the latest socially engineered virus

Co-Managed Services

We can supplement your IT team with our technical expertise.

About Us

Over 30 years of Information Technology experience is just a request away

Wide and varied experience across all aspects of the IT spectrum, including servers, networking, cloud, security and compliance and how each of these disciplines interact and depend on one another.

What We Do

These are just a few of our offerings. Feel free to ask about any other services you are looking for

Technology Planning

Let’s have a conversation about your business’ technology needs. We can create a Technology Plan that will help you get there or we can implement it for you

Virtual and Physical Datacenter Support

Do you have an on-prem data center that needs a facelift? Are you leveraging your cloud presence to the best of it’s ability? We can reseign your data center, restructure your cloud presense and help you streamline your datacenter costs

Diaster Recovery and Business Continunity

Are you prepared for the “worst case” scenario? How long could your business survive without your systems? How much money would you lose in a day? Our team can help you build a solid plan to get your critical systems back up and running as quickly as possible

Advanced Troubleshooting

Even the best of teams can come across an issue that has them stuck, and could potentially leave your systems down while they are working the problem. Our team specializes in “when the worst happens”. We can supplement your team or lead the effort to get you back up and running

Diaster Recovery

There are a number of circumstances when your datacenter might become inaccessible, from something as simple as a cut dataline or broken server to corporate espionage to natural diaster.

Backup Strategy

Are your backups up to date and tested? Are they stored off site?

Business Critital Systems

Are all of your business critital systems weighted and ranked so you know what has to be erstored first?


Is you team prepared for the middle of the night phone call or alert? We can set up your monitoring system and train you team on what to do

We can help

We will examine all of your systems and help you rate then for a cohesive plan to get you up and running

Data Center Monitoring and Management

Our goal is for your business to have up to date and secure systems. You don’t need to focus on staffing your data center with the best staff, we will do that for you

Staffing your data center

Your IT staff should spend their time helping your end users or working on innovation projects. We can be your infrastructure team

We’ll manage it

We will act as your infrastructure team, aking sure your servers and network are safe and secure and up to date. All behind the scenes with overnight updates and maintainence

Network Monitoring

We will monitor your network from edge to server 24/7 and handle any issues that some up with a Maintenance Agreement.

Server Monitoring

Monitor the health of your physical and virtual serves for emergency patchs, intrusion detection and hardware failure


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